This month I would like to take you on a citytrip to Antwerp! Start planning now… it won’t be long till you are able to travel again to this lovely Belgium city and, as is with all my Local Hideaways, this is your perfect home away from home in Antwerp!

Antwerp is only an hour’s drive away from my home, so I go there regularly. Closeby but still a foreign feeling, a bit raw and unpolished in some of it’s neighbourhoods, as can be found in a large port city. Antwerp is such a lovely city to explore, it has it all: great shopping (however, avoid the Meir if at all possible…the city offers so many other nice places!), inspiring musea and galleries. And above all, there are many lively restaurants and bars to enjoy good food and drinks. However, as Antwerp is so close by, I hardly ever get to spend the night there. Time to pack my overnight bag and change this!

Raw and unpolished!

My destination is “De Vrijdagmarkt”, or Fridaymarket. On this beautiful hidden square, at a prime location, you will find my latest discovery. It consists of two suites and two apartments which, once you’ve arrived, you won’t want to leave! After giving it a thorough face-lift, the hospitable and super friendly owner Karin opened the doors to this local hideaway at the end 2012. She had finally found a place to display all her “objets trouvés”. For, as the name Fridaymarket suggests, a flea market is held on the square every Friday and Karin was able to find the most wonderful objects here (and on other places), that have now found a second home in this Hideaway. And you won’t find any junk here either. On the contrary, the accommodation is decorated thoughtfully and tastefully (often with a wink) and you will feel very comfortable.

I love the interior design!

Both suites are equally spacious. One is at the front of the building, with a wonderful view of the square, the other is at the back and has two rooms: a small living-room and a bedroom. The luxurious bathroom with its lovely bath amenities, the comfortable bed, the espresso machine, the I-pod docking station and digital television all add to the feeling of luxury.

Home away from home!

Should you be looking for a bigger place to stay, for instance because you’re visiting with family or friends, or if you’re here for a longer period of time, I would advise you to book one of the two apartments. These are truly wonderful. This is how I would like to live in Antwerp! Spacious, with two bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom with a separate toilet, an enormous living room and a fully equipped kitchen. And, above all, a picture postcard view of the square, both during the day and at night.

It will be hard to leave this wonderful suite or apartment, but hey, you won’t want to miss out on one of the nicest cities in Belgium and this one is right at your doorstep. So, as the Belgians say: “Allée” and get a move on! In addition, Karin has the best insider tips, so no excuses!


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