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A very special Local Hideaway in Spain

Casa Cubista Spain

In the 10 years of Local Hideaways, I have seen hundreds of Hideaways pass by. Online at the pre-selection and on location to test sleep and get to know the often very devoted owners or managers. And so my love and I’s dream of having our own Hideaway under the sun was only further fueled. Because how wonderful it would be to have our own place where we could stay a bit longer, work remotely and unwind.

And so began the search for our own Local Hideaway a few years ago

Various locations came up, from France to southern Portugal – our favourite for a long time. Eventually, a hidden corner of Andalusia, the Axarquia – located east of Malaga – caught our eye. In November 2019, a weekend was scheduled for viewings with the estate agent and we fell head over heels for a spacious townhouse in the Spanish white mountain village of Sedella, an hour’s drive from Malaga. Away from the crowds, a place where time still seems to stand still and the villagers generally don’t speak English. Surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, numerous white villages with narrow streets and half an hour from the coast.

That evening on the terrace in Malaga, we toasted to our new adventure. Let’s go for it! No sooner said than done and on 2 March 2020, we became proud owners of our own Spanish casa. But then unfortunately covid threw a spanner in our Spanish food and we had to wait a long time before we could finally enjoy our home and make it our own.

Authentic Spain

Fortunately, this is already some time behind us and we have now transformed the house into Casa Cubista. A lovely holiday house, a ‘home away from home’ tucked away in a corner of authentic Spain. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it sleeps up to five people. There is a spacious, well-equipped kitchen, a patio and a nice living with beautiful views of the Sierra Tejeda y Almijara natural park behind.

The icing on the cake are the two spacious roof terraces, from where you look out over both the white village of Sedella and the natural park behind, where La Maroma mountain (2069 m) towers sturdily above. The view is a living painting with first-class sunsets.

Secluded and unspoilt… a true Hideaway!

Now that everything is ready and we have already enjoyed our home regularly ourselves, it is time to share it with like-minded people. To be honest: this casa is not for everyone. It is a good hour’s drive from Malaga, the last part being into the mountains. In addition, you need to have good mobility. The village of Sedella is somewhat remote but that is also its charm. If you are looking for a secluded and unspoilt place to walk, write or paint, work remotely or just unwind. In short, enjoy the authentic Spanish life, then Casa Cubista is the perfect Hideaway for you!

More info and other Local Hideaways can be found on the Local Hideaways website where you can book your stay. www.localhideaways.com

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