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Zanzibar, Tansania | Local Hideaways


This past summer we could finally travel outside Europe again. I grabbed this opportunity and left with my family for over 2 weeks to tropical Zanzibar. Definitely a perfect destination in the European summer too because that’s when it’s winter in Africa and the temperatures are perfect. Not too hot and not too humid. Bbut ‘no worries’, also in other months – except April and May – it’s a fantastic destination!

The first Hideaway I visited is situated in the southeast of the island. Off the beaten track, away from all the tourist spots. This small hotel is built in collaboration with NGO’s and has a fantastic manifesto.

Local Vibes!

Rooms are located in several cottages with private terraces, there are also family bungalows with two bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s all fairly basic but comfortable enough. Good beds, a good mosquito net, a hot shower, fine natural shower products. Cute locally made slippers, bathrobes and hammam towels. That’s all you need, you live outside here after all!

The cosy open-air restaurant with bar is the ‘living room’ of the hotel and has seating and lounge areas everywhere. A delicious breakfast is served here every morning, you can have lunch and dinner. The menu is mega extensive. The owner is Italian so there’s also an extensive choice of Italian dishes which is convenient because there aren’t many other restaurants in the area.

Paradise beach!

The ‘beach garden’ has places to relax everywhere, a spacious swimming pool and a massage hut (lovely!). If you cross the road you are right on the beach, beds and wicker umbrellas there too. What a treat to walk endlessly on this paradise beach and watch daily life. And yes, the sand is really powder white and the sea is azure blue, no filter needed!

There is a huge difference between low and high tide at this side of the island. At low tide the colourful ladies come to pick seaweed and look for shells, a fascinating sight!

What a great place this is and that has everything to do with the spacious layout, the atmosphere and the enthusiastic and inquisitive staff. Things may not always go completely smoothly but you forgive them immediately and it is part of the experience. This is truly a LOCAL HIDEAWAY!

More info, book your stay or check out other Local Hideaways on Zanzibar or anywhere else on the globe: www.localhideaways.com

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