Brand new Local Hideaways destination: The Azores

Brand new Local Hideaways destination: The Azores

It had been on my travel wish list for some time, and now it is actually in the Local Hideaways collection: the Azores! This Portuguese archipelago has it all: a touch of the exotic, overwhelming nature, fairy-tale waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, surf, a sea full of whales and dolphins, a choice of hiking trails, 4 seasons in one day, delicious food and ditto wine. All this in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between the east coast USA and mainland Portugal!

This Portuguese archipelago has it all!

This Hideaway is located on the north side of São Miguel, the main island of the Azores. The small-scale luxury eco resort is right by the best surfing beach on the island, is spacious and has something for everyone. Whether you’re here with your family: they have one-bedroom villas with a good sofa bed and two-bedroom villas for more space; or just the two of you: wonderfully quiet studios with a private garden, a Jacuzzi or a shared pool, it’s all possible.

Small-scale Eco Resort

The architecture is beautiful and perfectly integrated into the natural environment. The earthy colours reflect the volcanic soil of the island and make it a unique hotel. Each room has a kitchenette and a terrace.

The main building with reception, lounge, bar and restaurant has the ultimate wow factor. The view is phenomenal and a living painting! The perfect place to watch the sun go down at the end of the day, to enjoy a nice drink and the delicious ‘farm to table’ food.

Sunset Galore!

Relax at the beautiful pool, in the garden or in the spa. Surfing lessons are right outside the door and the beach below invites you to take a nice walk.

This hideaway is a favourite together with their sister hotel located south on the island and makes a perfect combo to discover the beautiful and diverse island of São Miguel!


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