Ideally, I would like to hold on to summer, for as long as possible. After all, I am a real summer person. Yet having seasons is something special. The same weather every day, year round, is also quite monotonous and it is the longing for a new season that makes you appreciate it even more. 

And so here we are already almost in autumn, especially with so much drought, the leaves are already falling from the trees. I associate autumn most with forests anyway: the warm colours, the slowly getting colder.

In terms of Local Hideaways, the perfect season for a short break in a cosy forest cottage or a cosy B&B. The perfect base for a long walk in the woods, warming up by the fireplace, a good book and/or a fun board game. 

I like to tip two Dutch Hideaways for you that are located in (or close to) the forest – a cottage and a b&b. 

Where are you heading this autumn?

X. Esther – Local Hideaways

Cottage in the Woods

A cosy lodge house and one of the eastern Netherlands’ most beautiful nature reserves. This is the perfect match! The lovely house is equipped with every luxury and convenience and has 4 places to sleep. A wood burner is super cosy during the colder months and the garden is a lovely spot for the summer. On the other side of the old farmhouse is a small restaurant which serves lunch, coffee and cake. And the biggest benefit of this house: kilometers of beautiful nature reserve are on the doorstep! When night falls, or early in the morning when the hikers have not arrived yet, you’ve got the reserve for yourself and I can tell you from experience – that’s pure magic!

B&B with a Short Story

Maud, 29 years old, has already realized her dream: her own Bed and Breakfast. And  not just any B&B. It’s a family saga because it houses in the former farmstead of her grandparents. A beautiful old house which oozes the atmosphere of the past times but it’s combined with modern touches. 3 Double rooms are situated on the ground floor, they have their bathrooms in the corridor and two luxurious double ensuite bedrooms (with comfi natural Coco-Mat beds!) on the first floor. There are two cozy livings where your can relax or play a boardgame and a TV with Netflix is in another room. Maud is a super host and serves a lovely breakfast. She can also tell you a lot about the beautiful surroundings: perfect for long walks and/or bike rides. I am a fan of this cool Hideaway!


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