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Always good to be back in Berlin. I love this city so much! This time I am visiting two Hideaways, in different districts of the city. In both cases it is a special and historical building which has been transformed into a fantastic hotel, upcycling to the max.

Berlin Bliss

First of all, I am staying in the Prenzlauer Berg district. This former East Berlin area has many beautiful monumental buildings that were not destroyed during the World War II and only needed a facelift. The neighbourhood is now especially popular with yuppies and hip young families. There are lots of restaurants, shops and it is a lovely neighbourhood to stroll around.

I visit a monumental Hideaway with enormous grandeur, the old Stadtbad – public bath – dating from 1902. In 2011, the owners of the Language Centre behind it seized the opportunity to restore the bath and breathe new life into the building. A huge challenge which resulted in a beautiful hotel with a huge indoor swimming pool which can also be transformed into a multi-purpose ballroom.

The building still exudes the nostalgic atmosphere of the early last century but has cleverly integrated all modern requirements. The various rooms (including family rooms and flats) are very comfortable and little details have been thought of. For instance, there is an iPad with all restaurant and sightseeing recommendations listed on it, super!

A building with enormous grandeur

Breakfast is in the old power station at the back of the property and is a real treat! The perfect start to the day! There is also a small cocktail bar and by the pool there is a sauna. The staff are super friendly and helpful. In short, I highly recommend this special Hideaway and is a perfect addition to the collection!

A former women’s prison turned into a design hotel

The second hotel I visit is in the former West Berlin district Charlottenburg. I have been to Berlin many times before but never in this neighbourhood. What a pleasant surprise because it is somewhat off the beaten track, you will find few tourists,  a host of good restaurants (lots of tasty Asian eateries), quirky shops and beautiful old buildings.

But the biggest surprise is the imposing Hideaway I visit. A 120-year-old women’s prison with court building has been transformed in 11 years (!) by a family of architects into a fantastic minimalist design hotel. Eye-catching. And what work has been put into keeping the soul of the building intact but making a comfortable and beautiful hotel.

The former cells are now rooms with the original cell doors still intact but ingeniously insulated and integrated. And they are far from spartan: comfi beds, spacious bathrooms and lovely toiletries from St Pauls collection by Frama. There is a cosy living room for hotel guests, a patio garden, an oasis of calm in the busy city. You can use the spacious sauna and a pool is being built on the roof terrace.

A must for Design Lovers

Breakfast is delightful with as many local quality ingredients as possible. The building also houses a fantastic restaurant where chef Sophia Rudolph cooks contemporary German Cuisine.

This is a beautiful Hideaway and a must for design lovers! And I can tell you from experience… it is absolutely no punishment to sleep here!

More info and plenty of other Local Hideaways around the globe: check the Local Hideaways website www.localhideaways.com

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