Spanish Local Hideaways delight

Celine and Julien were looking for slow living with their family… a Hideaway under the sun where they felt at home, surrounded by nature but not too far from the city. And so they found a fantastic old Mas, Catalan farmhouse, where they could realise their dream.

A fine guesthouse where you can relax and where the senses are opened up. But where there is also plenty of room for Celine’s wonderful cooking, because this passion certainly finds its place here with a selection of fresh herbs, edible flowers and as many 0-km products as possible.

New beginnings in an old Catalan farmhouse!

A culinary feast I can tell you and certainly not to be missed during your stay. For how wonderful it is that you do not have to go to a restaurant every evening but that you are spoilt here with delicious, as much as possible vegetarian, dishes! These are also accompanied by beautiful natural wines, a passion of Julien!

The rooms are quiet and comfortable. Good beds with beautiful linen. Spacious bathrooms with natural shower products that smell delicious. There are a few family rooms but beware, children from 10 years are only welcome.

A retreat!

The garden has perfect retreats and the pool is super refreshing on hot days. The views from the terrace and the rooms are enchanting and change by the minute… a living painting.

Time for some action because the surroundings are great, with nature, beach and city (Girona is half an hour away – I absolutely love this city!). In short, life is good in Celine and Julien’s Local Hideaway!

More info, to book your stay or find other Local Hideaways around the globe? Visit the Local Hideaways website: www.localhideaways.com

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