Athens, Greece, Local Hideaways by Esther van Onna


Local Hideaways in Athens, Greece

Last May, I visited Athens for the first time. I had been to Greece many times before but had always left this metropolis behind and travelled straight to one of the islands or to the Peloponnese. If only I had known earlier. This city is amazing! 

Where old meets new

Of course, the classic highlights like the acropolis and the Olympic stadium are definitely worth seeing but there is much more fun. For instance, I found the museum of modern art in the old Fix beer factory highly recommended, or book a guided walking tour through the city’s coolest neighbourhoods. Also great fun: rent a bike and ride to the coast to admire the Stravros Niarchos Cultural Centre. Not to mention the numerous great restaurants, coffee shops and nightlife spots. This city is buzzing. 

This city is buzzing!

And where to sleep? I found a real Local Hideaway, stylish, contemporary, small-scale and tucked away in a beautiful neighbourhood with lovely shops, plenty of fine coffeebars and restaurants. This is where wealthy Athenians live and breathe. Just 2 Suites and 4 spacious rooms plus a fine breakfast to start the day. All sights are within walking distance, making this a fantastic base to explore this great fun city.

More info and to book your stay: www.localhideaways.com 

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